Tuet Tuet

What is TUET and why has been created?

TUET (Toys & games Usability Evaluation Tool) is a method of analysis to evaluate play materials by considering the physical characteristics that are relevant for children with hearing, visual, or upper-limb motor impairments. Based on Universal Design principles, this unique tool helps children with the widest range of abilities to play for the sake of play with easily accessible and usable toys and games. A quick analysis with TUET makes the identification of such play materials possible.

TUET represents the final result of a research activity that combined the professional experience of the two important institutions in Europe in the field of toy accessibility and usability—AIJU in Spain and FM2J in France—together with the expertise on children’s requirements of HES-SO EESP in Switzerland.

This tool was developed and validated in seven European countries by experts from the COST Action TD1309, LUDI “Play for children with disabilities”, between March 2017 and April 2018.

TUET is designed for toy companies, education and rehabilitation professionals, toy librarians, teachers and parents to help them design, select and adapt toys and games to the needs of all children, including those with hearing, visual or motor impairments.